PIP waiting time figures released – charities respond

Response to Mark Harper’s evidence to the Work and Pensions Select Committee on delays to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Rosanna Singler, Co-Chair of the Disability Benefits Consortium, a national coalition of over 50 different charities, said:

“News that waiting times have dropped by a few weeks is welcome but it’s a reduction in just one part of a multi-step process. It will be cold comfort to the many disabled people facing delays of six months or more to receive this essential support.

“Many of those left waiting for such long periods are left in financial turmoil, isolated and unable to access the support they need, like a specialised wheelchair or transport to hospital appointments. Disabled people deserve support to meet these costs while they wait.

“Receiving this payment gives access to other benefits so disabled people are also losing out on additional support such as housing costs and bus passes. Although PIP is backdated, some of these other benefits are not, so people lose out even further while they wait.”



  • Disabled people need extra financial support for the extra costs associated with their impairment or condition. Disabled people spend £550 a month on costs directly associated with their condition or impairment on average and one in 10 spend over £1,000.  (E. Brawn, Priced Out: Ending the financial penalty of disability by 2020.)
  • Waiting time figures have been released – they can be accessed here.

2 thoughts on “PIP waiting time figures released – charities respond

  1. hmm the figures completely fail to mention that this is achieved by outright failing on first and mandatory reconsideration. This is achieved by ignoring and spinning medical evidence ,
    My the time my appleal is heard the process will have taken over 6 months .
    But on paper the measures the DWP uses will show they hit “performance targets ”

    I would argue a biased, of false assessment os no assessment at all
    so they are still failing to meet real world targets to place financial support for those
    suffering chronic illness in the shortest possible time, As this leads to deterioration of already chronic conditions which can have devastating results.

    • well found out today iam a lot better than i was 15 years ago this is great news problem is i have severe ankolosing spondylities and the DWP
      HAVE change ME FROM dla to pips and takern 60 pounds aweek of me is there any help out there????my report was well doctored and tailored to suit there needs to stop people like me getting the right pionts

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