Campaign for disability benefits

Alongside our influencing work to improve the benefits system, the Disability Benefits Consortium also supports disabled people to campaign – nationally and locally – and speak up to bring about positive change to disability benefits.

Starting in May 2018 and continuing over the summer months, members of the DBC will be supporting disabled people, family carers, and anyone with an experience of claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) to meet their local MPs to talk to them about PIP.

With lots of talk of other benefits issues at the moment, we want to remind MPs of the problems with PIP and let them know what we want to change.

Below is a campaign guide which will help you arrange a meeting with your MP and give you ideas on what to say when you meet. There will also be a video to tell you more about this kind of campaigning coming soon, so watch this space!

If you can’t meet your MP locally, you can support the campaign online by sharing what other people are doing on social media – using the hashtag #GetAGripOnPIP.

If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia Berry on

Thanks for joining our PIP Summer of Action!

DBC PIP Summer of Action campaign guide.docx


One thought on “Campaign for disability benefits

  1. well done to all of you and what has been achieved so far, the Government need to get rid of the phoney assessors now who are employed to call everyone a liar and treat them as a scrounger, some of us are genuine and due to the LIARS we are now having difficulty proving we are genuine. even with supporting and visible evidence!!!!!!

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