Campaign for disability benefits

Alongside our influencing work to improve the benefits system, the Disability Benefits Consortium also supports disabled people to campaign – nationally and locally – and speak up to bring about positive change to disability benefits.

Currently we are campaigning for changes to be made to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. This Bill introduces many cuts to the benefits disabled people and their families rely on, and we are campaigning for MPs to change the Bill so disabled people are not negatively affected.

Meet your MP locally

One very important way to support the DBC campaign is to meet your MP locally and tell him or her what you think about the Bill.

Here is the DBC Campaign Guide to support you to campaign locally on the Bill.

Following the recent win in the Lords when they voted to remove cuts to ESA from the Bill, it is vital we keep pressure on MPs so they keep the cuts out the Bill when they have their final chance to vote on it.

If you have any questions or want to know more about campaigning with the DBC, you can contact Jo Davies by email on or by phone on 0207 696 5462.

150 campaigners came to Parliament!

On  the DBC held Wednesday 13th January a ‘mass lobby’ in Parliament. On this day 150 disabled people came to Westminster to meet with their MPs and tell them what they think about the Bill, and what they want to change.

A huge thank you to all who came and supported people to come. The lobby helped remind MPs that the Bill is not over yet, and we hope it will lead to them voting the right way when the Bill goes back to the Commons.


One thought on “Campaign for disability benefits

  1. well done to all of you and what has been achieved so far, the Government need to get rid of the phoney assessors now who are employed to call everyone a liar and treat them as a scrounger, some of us are genuine and due to the LIARS we are now having difficulty proving we are genuine. even with supporting and visible evidence!!!!!!

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