MPs vote to postpone cuts to Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit

17th November 2016

We are delighted to see that MPs from across all political parties have listened to concerns of disabled people and charities and voted to postpone the £30 weekly cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Universal Credit in today’s backbench business debate in the Commons.

The vote to postpone the cuts was won 127 votes to 0 and, while not binding on the Government, the strength of feeling to reverse these cuts in the Autumn Statement is overwhelming.

For over a year the Disability Benefits Consortium together with MPs from across all partieshave been warning of the disastrous effects that a cut to ESA for new claimants in the Work Related Activity Group and the equivalent benefit in Universal Credit (due to come in April next year) would have on the lives of disabled people. We firmly believe it would push them further from work and closer to, or deeper into, poverty. We hope the Government listens to these calls and acts swiftly to allay worries among disabled people.


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