Disability Benefits Consortium

DBC asks of the next government


There are over 11 million people living with disabilities in the UK. The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is committed to working towards a fair benefits system for disabled people.

Read what the DBC are asking the next government to do.

The asks, supported by over 25 disability organisations from across the UK, reflect the issues and concerns facing people with disabilities across the UK and the commitments required from the next government to properly support them.

These include recognising the extra costs disabled people are forced to pay and taking steps to tackle this financial disadvantage in the longer term, as well as ensuring appropriate support for disabled people to work, and security for those who cannot.

For further information, please contact Georgina Carr, Co-chair of the DBC Parliamentary Group (georgina.carr@mssociety.org.uk).

Prefer to print the document off? Download the printable version of the document here.